About Us

About Us



The first guests were greeted by the baron on June 15, 2017. The Baron’s Heart – a combination of culinary and bartending art, a combination of the taste of a restaurant in the interior of a cozy pub. In the Baron uprising, we put a lot of heart, enthusiasm and strength to create a place in Międzyzdroje that everyone missed. Places where exceptional quality dishes, prepared with passion by exceptional chefs, eaten in the interior of a restaurant with a unique atmosphere – combine in the unique personality of The Baron, who welcomes its guests throughout the year.


Wood; brick; barrel; wine corks; the smell of spices, meats, sauces; effective bar with beer vats; a year-round terrace; romantic music – this is a unique corner of The Baron, in which he waits for you to host everyone in a friendly atmosphere, serve you delicious dishes and make you come back to us again.


What do you want more than just enjoy #uBaron… Something different, but sometimes everyday, something special, although sometimes normal, but always something individual – because the „dot over i” always puts The Baron. What characterizes our kitchen? – selection of the highest quality products; own product, local suppliers; exceptional breeds of meat and fish; timeless culinary interpretations… and the never-ending ingenuity of our chefs! The Baron’s flavors are his individual specialties as well as original recipes. From our menu, The Baron will be able to propose something to everyone.